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Aviation law

Aviation industry and aviation personnel

Aviation really is high-tech equipment in everyday use. Mastering the technology and the complex interactions of individuals and machines, airlines and other companies in the aviation industry as well as aviation personnel meet the highest of demands.

Aviation technology is demanding, and so are the rules. Airlines, Part-145 organizations (MRO) and other companies in the industry as well as personnel (Part-66 or Pilots and Crew) face many everyday challenges that come under aviation law. Obtaining a licence is an outstanding achievement. Thereafter, the requirements under aviation law must be continuously met. That is a highly demanding task. The rules are numerous and very specific.

Working successfully in aviation thus also means being able to move efficiently and elegantly within a rule system. Businesses and individuals need to know about their responsibilities under the law, they need to understand mandatory rules so that they safely comply with them at all times. But businesses will also want to learn about and use their rights, especially any freedom of decision that they enjoy under the many rules of aviation law. For the aviation industry, manuals and programmes are central in achieving this: companies can themselves shape many of the rules that they must live by.

Our clients can rely on us to provide them with the knowledge and solutions that give them both the certainty and the flexibility needed to comply with the many rules of aviation law and adjacent fields. We know the details of aviation law, and we also know how to place them in the context of the general rules of the law. That's why our clients turn to us - to shape their future or to overcome the past. We provide advice during the development of internal processes and handbooks. We support our clients in dealing with the authorities. Our clients also tell us that our grasp of the technical issues makes us stand out.