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Naske Rechtsanwälte

Our legal practice has a strong focus on commercial law, covering European Union law as well as German law, and ranging from corporate law to tax law. We are particularly interested in law and technology, which for us specifically means legal matters pertaining to sectors from construction to aviation to IT.

We are full legal service providers to small and medium-sized businesses. Our specialist legal expertise in aviation law is also sought after by legal departments of large businesses in the aviation industry. Individuals, too, turn to us for advice and assistance.

Timely and smooth cooperation with our clients is important to us, as is our ability to offer both broad support and precise advice. For our clients, we solve issues. Our solutions are individually suitable, legally correct and economically sound.

We hear our clients say of us that it is our knowledge of technology that gives us a better understanding of our clients' projects. We certainly know that it is facts and technology that shape our clients' projects at least as much as legal issues. With that in mind and a keen interest in any questions factual or technical, we provide legal services to help our clients structure their projects and develop successful strategies.

Should you have any questions concerning our range of services, please feel free to contact us.