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Construction law

Real estate developers and construction companies

The construction industry has a long tradition, yet, maybe today more than ever, faces great challenges. To be successful in the long term, businesses need a strategy in line with developments in society. Businesses are expanding their portfolios to include services closely related to construction, such as facility management, they are focussing on sustainability, such as with the energy efficiency of a building, or are concentrating on the specialisation of their range. Further, specialist construction knowledge and innovation are always in demand. Developments are driven by stiffer competition, as well as by stricter legislation, such as in environmental law.

With the constant increase in regulatory requirements, knowledge and understanding of the law has become a necessity. Businesses that hold their own against the competition know how to make use of legal rules, and particularly know well how to shape and handle their contractual relations. To a considerable degree, commercial success in the construction industry will depend on competency in law. Local and regional providers need a legal advisor who understands their business model as deeply as an in-house legal department would, and who adds the broad experience of the independent law firm to give the best possible advice.

Naske Rechtsanwälte deliver competency in law to businesses in the construction industry. Our work covers both private and public construction law. We combine solid legal knowledge with an understanding of technical issues and of the business model. Our work ranges from general legal advice, the drafting of contracts, and assistance with contract negotiations, to out-of-court dispute settlement and, of course, also includes the representation in court.