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Technology and Innovation

Mechanical and plant engineering, IT businesses

Within the World Trade Organisation and, more so, within the European Union, national borders are becoming less and less important. Businesses face new competitors. The resulting pressure is felt in the classic branches of the economy as much as in newer branches. As a consequence, businesses focus on the quality of their products and renew their efforts in research and development.

But to succeed on the market by using innovation and new technologies, businesses must master the rules of play. DIN and ISO standards are best practices that, depending on the current legislation and case law in the relevant courts, may enjoy a certain legal quality. Businesses planning to develop their state of the art technology further must be able to deal with this. The requirements set by product safety law and product liability law are high.

Innovative technologies should be mastered with special attention to legal requirements. Agile software development depends on an in-depth understanding of the relevant contractual variations. The use of open source software in commercial products results in a need for a suitable license model. IT businesses often rely on networks and cooperation models. Suitable contracts are determining factors in their success. Finally, the acquisition of innovation will require a sound contractual basis.

Naske Rechtsanwälte are legal advisors to businesses from the mechanical and plant engineering sector as well as IT businesses. With our help, our clients make use of the opportunities contract law offers. We draw up cooperation contracts and give advice on how to work with contract partners. If a conflict cannot be settled otherwise, we also represent our clients in court, such as in a conflict concerning the acquisition of innovation.